Neosensory’s Tinnitus Management Program rents you the device on a month-by-month basis while you complete the tinnitus management and exercises provided in the app. 

We will mail you the wristband in a box with return postage. (Please keep the box handy for return shipping).

Each day, for at least 10 minutes, put on the wristband and listen to a series of specially designed sounds. The patented wristband will vibrate in different ways for the different sounds. You can do whatever you’d like during this time, just so long as it’s quiet: reading a book, knitting, or meditating. If you’d like, wear the wristband for more than 10 minutes a day for the maximum benefit. 

At the end of your rental period, put the wristband back in the box and mail it back using the included prepaid label. 

We recommend completing a minimum of two months for best results. You may choose to keep the kit for longer than 2 months; your credit card will be automatically billed for each additional month. If you’d like to buy your device outright, please contact us at