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My Buzz isn’t picking up sounds

If your Neosensory Buzz isn’t vibrating for the sounds you expect in your surroundings, follow these troubleshooting steps.

  1. Is Buzz working? Turn Buzz on by pressing the power button. If you don’t see 3 green lights and feel vibrations when you press the + or - buttons, go through our reset flow here.

  2. Is there anything blocking the microphone, such as clothing or dirt? [show where mic is]

  3. What sensitivity level is your Buzz on? If you’re not sure, push the + button until your Buzz shows 3 white lights. Using a higher sensitivity level lets your Buzz pick up on more sounds.

  4. Are you using Sleeping mode or Music mode? Check on the main screen in your Neosensory app. We recommend trying Everyday mode to pick up on most sounds.

  5. After confirming you’re in Everyday mode, blow into the microphone. Do you feel any vibrations from your Buzz? If not, or if you’re still having trouble, please contact our customer support team at, 904-414-4708, or our VP line at 832-529-6334.

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