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What are the training games for?

To help your brain better match sounds to the patterns of vibrations felt on your wristband, try using our training games in the Neosensory app 2-3 times a week. You can download our app from the Apple or Android app stores.

To access the training games, click the menu icon on the upper-left menu and select Training Games. The more you practice these games and wear the wristband, the more quickly your brain will adjust.

**The training games are for those using our Sound Awareness program, not for anything else. If you would like to see the training games, then you would need to change the program to Sound Awareness. To do so: click on the upper-left menu, select Change Mode, and select Sound Awareness. The training games will now be in the main menu option. To go back to your previous program, Just follow the same process.**

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